Kažela Medulin Camp

Name of the Building: Kažela Medulin Camp, Phase I

Investor: Arena Hospitality Group d.d. /Inc./ Pula

Implementation Period: From November 2018 to May 2020

Investment Value: HRK 205.34 million

Short Description of the Building:

Reconstruction of Kažela Motor Camp 4* in Medulin. The project area amounts to 450,000 m2. A new reception desk was erected with the car park, new main, side and connection roads in the length of ca. 7 km, new activity pool with restaurants, new relax pool in the length of 80 m (the largest in Croatia), the total water area amounts to 1,134 m2, completely new infrastructure (water supply and sewage installations, hydrant network in the total length of 18.4 km), low and high voltage electrical installations in the total length of 77.3 km, furniture, fixtures and equipment with mobile homes for 174 plots. The first of the three reconstruction phases was completed.

The total project team is composed of 7 engineers.

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