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Privacy policy

We hereby commit ourselves to protect the privacy of our users, clients and website visitors and the security of personal data provided to us during the use of our website.

This policy describes the type of information that can be collected from you when you visit our website and explains how such information is used and the steps taken for data protection. It also describes the preferences you may have concerning the collection and the use of your data during your visit to our website. 

Which personal data are collected and how are they used?

In general, you can visit our website without revealing any personal data. No personal data (e.g. your name and contact details) will be collected when you visit this website unless you voluntarily share your data for specific purpose in one of the available forms (contact form) and thus give your consent to the collection and the use of your personal data for specific purposes. Any personal data will be used only for the purpose specified during their collection and for which purpose your consent was given. The consent for processing of personal data may be given only by persons who are 16 years of age or older, whereas for persons younger than 16 the consent may be given by their parent or guardian. The data collected shall in no way be made available to unauthorised third parties, except for the legally regulated purpose. Any data will be deleted after the expiry of the purpose for which they were collected that is after the termination of the contractual relationship but no later than after the expiry of any legal obligations related to the storage of personal data.      

Type of personal data to be processed

The following personal data are collected in the contact form: name and surname, email and additionally if specified: address, phone number.

The information collected automatically by our website

This website collects automatically the server log file information, such as your IP address, type of browser, redirect/exit pages and operating system. Such information is used to manage our website and our technical solutions, to understand how the users browse through our website and to enhance your experience during the use of our website and services.

Access to and update of your personal data

At any given moment our user has the following rights:

  • Right to access and review information
  • Right to information about processing of personal data
  • Right to data transfer
  • Right to withdraw the consent
  • Right to file a complaint
  • Right to amend and update personal data in case the data are incomplete or inaccurate
  • Right to delete data in case of expiry of the processing purpose, withdrawal of the consent or in case of filing of a complaint.

If you want to exercise any of the above-mentioned rights, you can contact us by contact form available on our website. You can also contact us by phone or by email specified on our website.

Banjavčićeva 11, 10000 ZAGREB
Phone: +385 1 7787 305
E-mail: info@vis-projektiranje.hr

Security of your personal data

We have committed ourselves to take adequate technical and organisational actions to protect your personal data from unauthorised or illegal treatment and from their accidental loss, destruction or damage. When providing your personal data on our website, the data are transferred securely via the internet using high quality coding and stored in our safe servers located in the EU.


Use of cookies

This website and its online services may use cookies to improve our services. The decision to enable cookies on the website is solely up to you. It should be underlined that the website has optimum functionality only if the use of cookies is enabled.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of data stored by your browser on the disk while you browse our website. They enable our website to recognize your computer when your pay us another visit next time to provide you with appropriate personalised experience during browsing. Cookies are not used for spying users. They do not track everything done by the user and should not be regarded as malicious code or virus. Cookies have nothing to do with spam or unwanted emails, they cannot save your password and are not used for ads or advertising only. The information such as your name or email will not be saved – the website cannot access your personal data and files on your computer.

To be able to use “cookies” in compliance with the Act on Electronic Communications, Act on Personal Data Protection, EU Directives 2002/58/EC and 95/46/EC and GDPR Directive, we need your consent.

Types of cookies

  • Session cookies and persistent cookies
    • Session cookies are temporary cookie files that are erased when you leave the website. These cookies are needed for proper work of specific applications or functionalities on this website.
    • Persistent cookies are used to enhance the experience of our users (e.g. to remember the registration details to avoid their repetitive entry every time you visit our website). These cookies remain in your browser files for a longer period of time. That time period will depend on the selection of settings in your web browser. Persistent cookies enable the transfer of data onto the web server every time you visit the website.
  • First-party and third-party cookies
    • First-party cookies are issued by this website. These cookies often serve for proper functioning of the website and for remembering your preferences on the website.
    • Third-party cookies are cookies set by another website or service such as e.g. YouTube. We do not have any access or control over these cookies. You need to consult proper privacy policies of such third parties. If you are located in the European Union, you can find out more about how third parties use this type of cookies on the following link: http://www.youronlinechoices.eu/.
  • Indispensable cookies and other cookies
    • Indispensable cookies are essential for the work of our website and the use of its features and/or services. For instance, they enable your navigation on the website and your registration in safe domains. By the use of this website your automatically give consent for the use of indispensable cookies without which the website cannot operate. These are PHPSESSID cookies and _exp cookies.
    • Performance cookies collect the information about how users use our website. For instance about the pages most frequently visited by our users and error messages received from those pages. These cookies do not collect any data to identify the user. The information collected by these cookies is anonymous. The information is used only to improve the operation of this website.
    • Functional cookies enable our website to remember preferences and adjustments you made during your visit and to offer enhanced personalized features. For example they remember changes in your language settings or currency preferences. They can also be used to enable third parties to offer tools for sharing content on social media and to remember your sharing service preferences.
    • Marketing cookies are used to track users over the website. Their purpose is to show relevant and interesting, user-specific ads, and are thus more valuable to third party publishers and advertisers.

The cookies used on this website:

    • PHPSESSID cookies contain only the reference to the session stored on the web server. No information is stored in the user browser and these cookies can only be used on the current website.
    • First-party cookies – this website.
    • Session cookie.
  • cc_cookie_accept (persistent cookie – 1 year), cc_cookie_decline (session cookie)
    • 'cc_cookie_accept' cookie is used to remember user settings – acceptance of the use of indispensable cookies on this website. This cookie remembers only your latest cookie settings and does not reflect the current cookie settings in your browser.
    • First-party cookies – this website.
  • exp_last_visit (1 year), exp_last_activity (1 year), exp_tracker (session), exp_csrf_token (session)
    • A variety of cookies that have 'exp_' prefix. These cookies are set by our content management system and contain the following data: your last visit to our website, previously visited websites, session duration of the registered user, session ID… These cookies do not collect your personal data. They are only used for the basic website functionality. 'exp_last_visit' and 'exp_last_activity' store only the information about the date/time of your visit. 'exp_tracker' tracks the last 2 pages you visited, and if needed, redirects you to proper pages. 'exp_csrf_token' is used to send forms from the website, and represents a unique and random set of numbers and letters protecting our website from unwanted email.
    • First-party cookies – this website.
    • exp_csrf_token and exp_tracker are session cookies, the rest are persistent cookies.
    • exp_cart 24h duration, does not collect any personal data, and is only used for your basket ID.  
  • NID (persistent cookie – 6 months)
    • This website uses Google map.
    • Third party cookies – google.com

How to accept or decline cookies

You can always block the use of some or any cookies used on our website, but it can affect its functionality.

The framework for cookie settings is indicated in the footer of this page. After choosing the settings, you can reset your cookie settings in the footer of this page at any given moment.

You may additionally accept or decline some or any cookies by adjusting your browser settings. You can find information about how to change your browser settings for some of the most frequently used web browsers on the following links: Mozilla FirefoxGoogle ChromeMicrosoft Internet ExplorerApple SafariOpera. Some browsers will enable browsing in “anonymous” mode of operation, restrict the amount of data set on your computer, and automatically delete persistent cookies set on your computer once you finish the browsing session. There are many third-party applications you may add to your browser to disable or manage cookies. You can also delete previously set cookies in your browser by choosing the option for deleting browsing history and switching on the cookie deleting option. You can find more information about cookies and how to set your browser settings on the following link: www.allaboutcookies.org.

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