We provide ongoing consulting services to our clients during project implementation as well as ongoing technical support.

Depending on the type of engagement, our company conducts the following activities:

Review and control of bills of quantities and participation in drafting tender documentation:

  • Inspection of project documentation.
  • Review of drafted bills of quantities.
  • Analysis of the model for contracting works and its adjustment to the specificities of the relevant investment.
  • Preparation (in collaboration with designers) of the final version of tender documentation to invite bidders and select the contractor.
  • Analysis and evaluation of the bids submitted, including benchmarking of specific bid elements according to benchmarking parameters.
  • Provision of professional assistance to the client in the selection of the general contractor.
  • After the selection of the contractor, determining specific details in compliance with the relevant contractor’s technological possibilities and capacities and preparation of the final contractual bill of quantities.
  • Analysis and review of the works schedule offered by the contractor, in accordance with the specific requirements of the client (deadlines, obligations of the client etc.).
  • Preparation of the technical part of contractual documentation in compliance with the contracting model selected and harmonization with the client’s legal affairs office taking into consideration the objectives of the contracting model selected.
  • Investment analyses and financial forecasting.

Consulting services provided to the Client during construction project implementation:

  • Analysis of supplementary quotations provided during the execution of works on the building: quotation for supplementary, unforeseen and additional works, quotation for amendments to the construction and proposing their acceptance/refusal to the client.
  • Provision of ongoing expert consulting services to the client during the construction process, the selection of specific details of detailed designs, especially the execution of the construction pit protection, detection of locations of existing installations on the plot etc. (providing assistance to the designer and the client to select the most favourable technical solutions).
  • Proposing sound solutions.
  • Activities regarding the construction process – participation in ensuring utility connections, organisation of geodetic surveys and registration of the as-built building status in the cadastre and land registry (the activities are carried out by the chartered geodetic engineer), organisation of building subdivision plan drafting and any other final activities concerning the building construction project.
  • Provision of consulting services to the client regarding works which also includes any types of installations (power supply, water supply, sewage, machinery etc.), statics issues and any other issues.
  • Contact with competent city utility services during the execution of building connections with the utility infrastructure.
  • Drafting different types of financial analyses – costs monitoring during overall project implementation.
  • Potential representation of the client before competent institutions regarding building construction works.
  • Provision of consulting services to the client regarding potential issues concerning the construction site safety, working conditions, regulatory and legal issues etc.
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